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Broker for car, health, home & travel insurance


Digitizing micro retail payments


BNPL consumer credit solution


Cross border payment for Africans


Open Banking Infrastructure


Payment management platform

"The First Circle team is by far the most strategic partner for my team at Terminal Africa. This team has not only provided the financial support that allowed us to grow from pre-seed to growth stage, but also the operational level support to build a sustainable business model. In all sincerity, there are not many investors that I can say I trust more than this team and it's one that I know I want to work with all the way on this journey."  
Nnamdi Okoh, Co-Founder and CEO, Terminal Africa
"The First Circle team are experienced and highly driven successful operators. By providing in-depth market knowledge during both strategy and tactical sessions, it is not just me as a CEO who is challenged and supported, but especially my team as well. I wish that I had met the FC team earlier in our journey."
Hans Osnabrugge, Co-Founder and CEO, Talk360
"From the earliest days, the First Circle team has stood firmly by Estafsar, and their support has been nothing short of transformative. Their wide-ranging experience across different regions, particularly in the fintech arena, gives them a unique vantage point that translates into practical and meaningful assistance. It's clear to me that their unwavering dedication is crucial in driving change within the African fintech/insurtech landscape."
Amr Darwish, Co-Founder and CEO, Estafsar
"First Circle Capital are different, and in all the ways that have mattered to us - they have great experience having been part of tech-business growth stories; they have theses on the sectors they’re interested in, consistently elevating our thinking and eliminating ‘box ticking’ type analysis. The First Circle Capital team isn't just an investor; they've emerged as critical thought partners, playing a valuable role in our journey and we look forward to their continued partnership. "
Zaheer Dindar, Co-Founder and CEO, Pumpkn
"First Circle has been an exceptional partner for us. One of the standout impacts of our relationship with First Circle has been their unparalleled network. They have gone above and beyond to connect us with key stakeholders, industry experts, and potential partners across the globe. What sets First Circle apart is their personal investment in our journey. Their genuine care, approachability, and hands-on attitude create a partnership built on mutual trust."
Fehintolu Olaogun, Co-Founder and CEO, Credpal
"From the moment we partnered with First Circle Capital, we found a team that shared our vision and was deeply invested in our growth. What sets the First Circle team apart is their hands-on approach to supporting their portfolio companies. They didn't simply write a check and step back; instead, they actively engaged with our team, providing mentorship, connecting us with their extensive network, and offering strategic advice that proved invaluable."
Teva Fontaine, Co-Founder and CEO, WiAssur


SME financing


Technology infrastructure for lenders


Cross Border lending fintech


SME banking

Yemaachi Bio

Cancer research company


Digital insurance platform

Collect Africa

B2B & B2C payments


Insurtech for consumer electronics


Payment management platform


Money management platform


Lending infrastructure

Infiuss Health

Africa’s first remote clinical research platform


BNPL consumer credit