First Circle Capital supports founders building transformational companies. We’re entrepreneurs, company builders, and proven operators with deep expertise in FinTech. We’re more than investors to founders on their entrepreneurial journey, we’re partners.

How we partner with founders:

Capital: We invest in pre-seed and seed stage FinTech companies across Africa. We back founding teams with a big vision, a unique proposition and the skills to deliver. We invest early, often as the first institutional investor in a company and then catalyze additional smart capital from our network.
Knowledge: As experienced entrepreneurs with deep expertise in the Fintech sector, we have a vast industry network and understanding that we happily share with founders.
Networks: We connect our founders to other sources of expertise and capital in our deep, African and global networks, including; mentors, successful founders, coaches, board advisors, and investors.

Our impact:

The FinTech revolution in Africa has the potential to have a significant positive impact on society. Digitising financial services removes barriers to access and improves financial inclusion. Investing in companies with large scale potential and sustainable business models stimulates the economy and creates jobs. We believe in a greater role for women in all aspects of the technology ecosystem, including investors and founders. As a female-founded fund we align with the 2x Challenge.